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photo by Ligia Poplawska


04.10.2018 - 03.11.2018

at Valerie Traan, Antwerp (BE)

Clarisse Bruynbroeck repeatedly registered the road her hands travel during the first hours after her awakening. Dozens of objects- over which almost everyone passes mindlessly- were carefully beheld and listed by her. Sheet, duvet, bedroom door… These are objects that fascinate Bruynbroeck because of their banality, materiality and often simple and ill-considerate appearance. This numeration formed the starting point for a material investigation to our interaction with daily rituals and the pertaining objects. 


We re-encounter some of the summed objects at the exhibition space. These imitations form for Bruynbroeck a method to dwell on the relation between man and object and to question their accordance. She analyses and demonstrates the way in which our use leaves traces, imperfections or draws objects. By substituting the original material of a pillow or a curtain by chamois or aluminium, the functional aspect of these objects is driven back. This is an intervention by way of which Bruynbroeck brings the sculptural, aesthetic and poetic qualities of these banal objects to the foreground. 


The mostly simple appearance of these objects is the outcome of their functional character. A towel or a hairband always looks more or less the same. ‘Design’ or variation in the appearance is generally absent, which is a possible explanation for one often passing over these objects. By tracing these objects back to their archetypes, performed in another matter, Bruynbroeck plays with this aspect. 


Clarisse Bruynbroeck (1989, Belgium) lives and works in Antwerp. In 2012 she graduated from Sint-Lucas, Antwerp with a Masters in Jewelry and Goldsmithing. In 2016 she founded her own jewelrylabel Woche. Besides she creates installations and objects which give expression to a constant curiosity towards her environment. The past years she exposed in, among others,The Marked body, Valerie Traan (Antwerp, BE), chapter one ≈ chapter one, BIKINIArt Space (Basel, CH) and at arts festival Watou2018 (Watou, BE).Clarisse Bruynbroeck also made exhibitions in cooperation with Ralph Collier.The duo organized the group exhibition En Cours d’installation for Valerie Traan in 2017 at Rivoli (Brussels, BE) where her work was shown as well.  

text by Eléa De Winter

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